Choosing a Venue to Perform At

If you want to get into music or the performing arts in general, you have to mentally prepare yourself for a lot of disappointments, rejections, and closed doors. It is very difficult to break out as an artist, and as much we would like to think that we will eventually be noticed by a major label, it can end up taking years, or sometimes it never happens. What you can do in the meantime is continue performing locally in local shows to gain some notoriety and at least get the word out. Choosing your venue is an important part here, and if you are looking for a live performance venue, then you need to make sure that it meets a couple of requirements.

  • If you are new to the scene and just starting, you might have to start small and then work your way up. When choosing a venue, you want to be sure that the venue is known or easily recognizable by people in the area. People are more likely to check out places that are familiar to them, and choosing a semi-known venue is one way to ensure that you pull in more people.
  • You also want to opt for a venue that is clean and in relatively good condition. No one wants to see a newbie in a run-down, unkempt venue. This ends up affecting the number of people that might want to check out your show.
  • You want to look into the size of the venue/auditorium to make sure there is enough space for you on the stage, and that there is enough space for the audience size that you realistically expect to show up. If the venue is too big and there are not enough people, it will not leave a good impression for people that might be coming to see you for the first time.
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