Why do enterprises want application modernization?

At present, many of the enterprises have substantial investments in their current application portfolio from both an operational and a financial standpoint. In fact, the legacy systems are frequently one among the most mission critical applications of a business. Even a few companies are able or willing to easily retire these applications and then begin over the productivity losses, the prices and also other problems are too good. Hence, the application modernization is one of the most sensible ways for several enterprises to realize the benefits of latest software architectures, tools, frameworks, libraries and software platforms.

Key technologies for the application modernization

There are so many interconnecting technologies fundamental to this application modernization that includes:


The containers are actually a cloud centric approach for deploying, packaging and also operating the applications as well as workloads. The big image benefits linked with containerization is including higher operational efficiency, portability and scalability, which is well suited for the cloud infrastructure and particularly the multi cloud as well as hybrid cloud environments.

Micro services

This is not much a technology as an architectural option. Instead of making and operating an application as a full and single database normally a massive development, you can decouple the diverse parts into minor distinct pieces, which could be updated, arranged and operated autonomously.

Cloud computing

When the people discusses about application modernization, they are normally referring to a process of migrating the conventional appliances to work in the modern cloud environments. These also involve private clouds, public cloud platforms and hybrid clouds as well.

Automation and orchestration

The automation in software development always refers to the automation of most of the working tasks linked with the containers such as networking, scaling and deployment. In general, the orchestration is a most essential technology and principle, which is growingly crucial to guarantee that operations, development and safety teams and can sustainably manage their modern applications at balance.

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