What Color Nozzle Do You Use For Pressure Washing Concrete

The biggest misconception that is unfortunately rife in the world of pressure washing is that it is some kind of a monolith that can only be implemented in one very specific way. Suffice it to say that you can pressure wash with all kinds of methods, and indeed knowing the variations between subtly different formats is a key component of taking your skill set to a whole other level. The most pertinent thing to wrap your head around here is the set of color coded nozzles that you might have gotten as part of your overall pressure washing apparatus.

These nozzles are critical to the success of a pressure washing service that you might have been looking to start, and since many of your jobs will focus on concrete cleaning we will tell you how you can use the correct nozzle to get the job done in half the amount of time. The best nozzle to use for power washing concrete is the red one due to the reason that it concentrates the entire jet of water into a single point.

That makes it so that the water jet will have the highest possible level of pressure, thereby allowing you to slough dirt off so effectively that you would have a hard time believing the visual input that is entering into your ocular nerve endings. The red nozzle offers a zero degree spray, which means that it will not spread the jet out at all instead forcing it to come out with the kind of power that can cut a tree branch off so it’s easy to see why it’s so preferred for concrete too.

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