Get to know about the fortnite game


Fortnite is an engaging battle royale game created and developed by Epic Games. It features 99 players who drop into a map either on their own or in a team. As soon as the player lands, he or she must pick up as many weapons and items as possible throughout the map while trying to reach the center. The only survivor who stands last wins the game.

Fortnite has only a single, large map each season, unlike traditional multiplayer games. You are unlikely to encounter many players at the beginning of the game. You may be able to fly around the map, but as the game progresses, there is a ring that slowly closes toward a central point. If you’re caught outside the ring, you will die.

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The fortnite game format is similar to that of games like PUBG and Apex Legends. However, Fortnite has an interesting feature: your character can build structures while playing the game. It allows you to set traps, build forts, and use cover during the battle. Unlike other battle royale games, Fortnite requires you to master shooting and building.

Fortnite has regular season updates in which new items are added to the game, maps are updated, and new costumes and weapons are available. Seasonal changes can be substantial, but a Battle Pass purchase is required to access all of the newest items.

By the popularity of fortnite game, the game developer designed it for most common platforms.  Players can have the gameplay at platforms like Personal computer, XBOX, PS4, Nitendo Switch, ios and Android. Get install it and enjoy the game.

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