When Can I Withdraw From Yieldnodes

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The shakeups that are occurring in the world of crypto are in many ways indicative of the dying throes of several poorly managed startups and exchanges, but there is a pretty good chance that you are unsettled by such unprecedented swings in crypto value. Even though this is just a crypto winter and weathering the storm can provide you outsized returns, the fact of the matter is that you would still want to know the details behind fund withdrawal just so that you can enjoy some peace of mind for a change.

If you have put some money into Yieldnodes and want to take some out to buy choice luxuries, the truth of the situation is that there would be some time constraints pertaining to when you can do so. You won’t be able to make any withdrawals at all for about six months. This is because of the fact that the investment starts out as a termed deposit, and Yielnodes will only start letting you withdraw money once you have given them liquidity which is fair considering the incredible returns that they give.


Now that you know that your money is locked for half a year, the fact of the matter is that you’d want us to let you know when the withdrawals can begin. The first five days of the month are when withdrawals can be requested and then processed, and you would receive your funds in the account of your choice within a day if not much earlier. It’s usually best to give Yieldnodes a day because it can be difficult for them to traverse the red tape of the traditional financial system all in all.

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