Should you apply for a loan or a mortgage to buy or renovate your home?

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Better a mortgage or a loan? This is the question that people who are about to buy a house ask themselves! The choice is linked to several factors: duration, maximum amounts and envisaged concessions. Until recently, the best solution was to request a mortgage – but in recent years the alternative solution has been gaining ground fix and flip loans for real estate in Dallas, TX.

Let’s analyze why the loan solution is currently cheaper!

Find out the benefits of the loan

Here are 7 good reasons why it is to be considered more advantageous to opt for a loan request than a mortgage:

The requested figures do not provide for any type of collateral, therefore no mortgage on the house; the sums granted are no longer as low as they used to be, in fact, recently, loans of up to € 100,000 have been made! ;

This solution generally has a short duration – this means that you can return the sum even in 3/5/10 years , it depends on our will and economic sustainability;

Even protesters and bad payers can obtain advantageous loans thanks to the loan with the assignment of the fifth of the salary or pension

For loans, there is no obligation to specify the purpose for which the sums will be used, which are therefore not finalized figures, so those who request them can use them as they wish;

Less bureaucracy : just present a valid identification document, your tax code and a pay slip / similar document certifying your income.

Speed ​​of disbursement : the loan is disbursed in a very short time, and thanks to its very streamlined bureaucracy, even in 24 hours.

the loan is safe and flexible and gives you the right liquidity to accomplish important goals

Why is the mortgage not worth it?

The main reasons why applying for a mortgage is less advantageous than a normal loan request are essentially two:

The bureaucratic process of the mortgage: long and cumbersome

Mortgage on the property : Compulsory real guarantee

The loan application must be completed by entering all this information:

Personal data and residence, dependents and family composition, the property regime chosen (communion or separation of assets), what is the house where you live and in what capacity you own it type (property, rent, free loan, hospitality, etc.) , what kind of work takes place, obviously employees are more facilitated than self-employed workers;

Some parameters such as qualifications in possession and net income, for self-employed workers, on the other hand, future estimates or forecasts are also required, the value of the house to be purchased, a self-declaration in which the existence or not of outstanding debts is communicated , a further declaration where it is communicated if it is possible to indicate a third person who acts as guarantor especially in the case of low incomes.

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